Sunday, September 9, 2012


Thank you so much RPCV CT!  The Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Connecticut have generously donated $1000 to the project!  As of now, we are $3,200 down, with $4,900 left to fund.  I appreciate everyone's help stateside! I am hoping we will get this thing funded in the next month or so, but it all depends on you!  Now, let me fill you all in on the work that has been going on here in Madagascar in preparation for the construction of the bridge. 

Due to Peace Corps policy, none of the money donated for the bridge can be touched until the project has been fully funded.  Because of this constraint, we are unable to begin ordering or purchasing any materials in advance; but we can begin prepping the  site, and stockpiling the resources which exist at the project site.  Right now, myself, the bridge contractor, and my counterparts with Madagascar National Parks have been holding a series of meetings in order to break down the work load and responsibility of the villagers who this bridge will benefit (they accepted 25% of the project costs, in the form of natural resources and labor).  We are trying to put together a schedule for the preparation of the site, and another schedule for once the bridge is funded, and the purchasing of the materials is necessary.    In order to make all of our lives easier; we have decided to form a committee.  This committee will consist of myself, the contractor, the Chef Sectaur of my region, the Head of Development for MNP, as well as some of the lehibes (the important people in my village, and valley) of my region.  This way multiple people will share the responsibility in handling the money, purchases, and making sure everything we purchase is accounted for.  The meeting in which the committee will be made official will be held this Thursday in my village, preceded by a meeting tomorrow afternoon solidifying the schedule of pre-construction prep work.  Here are some pics of one of our exciting meetings in action.....

With the help of my Peace Corps Supervisor, we laid out the goals for the bridge project, and outlined what is expected of the villagers.

Me, looking over the bridge design, waiting for the meeting to begin.  This photo is courtesy of another PCV who came out to visit my site.

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